Professor Stuart Macdonald to be a Conference Keynote Speaker

Apr 11, 2018

Stuart Macdonald holds a Personal Chair in Legal Studies at Swansea University. His research interests lie in criminal law and counterterrorism, particularly cyberterrorism and terrorists’ use of the internet. He is a Co-Director of the University’s EPSRC-funded £7.6m CHERISH Digital Economy Centre and Director of the University’s multidisciplinary cyberterrorism research project. To date the Cyberterrorism Project has conducted a survey of the global research community, compiled a database of definitions of cyberterrorism, conducted a study of online terrorist magazines, compiled a database of news stories on cyberterrorism, hosted numerous events including a NATO Advanced Research Workshop and an international conference on terrorism and social media, and published four edited collections and six policy reports (see further In 2016/17 he was also the holder of a Fulbright Cyber Security Award.

Stuart has also completed projects on the construction and application of principles in counterterrorism policy, the notion that counterterrorism policy must balance security and liberty (funded by the British Academy) and Swansea’s approach to youth anti-social behaviour (funded by the Welsh Government). He has written a number of other articles on the regulation of anti-social behaviour, considering such issues as the use of ASBOs against young people, the definition of anti-social behaviour and the classification of the ASBO as a civil remedy.

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