Dr. Tore Bjørgo Delivered 2015 Keynote

Jul 09, 2015

Dr Tore Bjørgo, a Professor of Police Science at the Norwegian Police University College (PHS) and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), delivered the opening keynote presentation at STR’s 9th Annual International Conference.

A social anthropologist by training (University of Oslo), he received his doctoral degree from Leiden University. His main fields of research have been political extremism and terrorism; racist and right-wing violence; delinquent youth gangs; disengagement from violent groups; political communication; crime prevention; and policing. He has (co)authored or (co)edited thirteen books, including Political Communication (1987; 1992, in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish); Racist Violence in Europe (1993); Political Terrorism (1993, in Norwegian); Terror from the Extreme Right (1995); Racist and Right-Wing Violence in Scandinavia: Patterns, Perpetrators, and Responses (1997); Nation and Race: The Developing Euro-American Racist Subculture (1998); Violence, Racism and Youth Gangs: Prevention and Intervention (1999, in Norwegian); Generalized Hatred, Polarized Communities (2001, in Norwegian); Root Causes of Terrorism (2005); Perspectives of Police Science in Europe (2007); Leaving Terrorism Behind: Individual and Collective Disengagement (2009, co-edited with John Horgan), Strategies for Preventing Terrorism (2013), and most recently, Preventing Crime: A Holistic Approach (forthcoming), and The Dynamics of a Terrorist Targeting Process: Breivik and the 22 July Attacks in Norway (forthcoming, with Cato Hemmingby).

In Norway in 1996, he initiated of the first Exit-program to facilitate disengagement from right-wing extremist groups.

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